Rocket American Sign Language Review – Yay or Nay?

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Deal Score+184


Would you like to learn a new language? Or even more specifically, how badly would you want to learn the American Sign Language (ASL)? The good news is that you don’t need to pay up for some expensive face-to-face lectures that you’d hardly find time for. Now, what if you could find an online course that enables you to learn at your own pace and without breaking the bank? The Rocket Sign Language course is one of the systems that promise to help you achieve that. But if this is your first time hearing of it, chances are that you’re wondering what they are all about. I mean, are they even genuine? How good is the platform and can it help you speak a new language faster? In the following few paragraphs we explore the answers to those, among other questions.



Product Name: Rocket American Sign Language

Creator: Jason Oxenham and Mark Ling

Product Type: Online Platform

Price: $69.95

Bonus: No

What Is It: Rocket American Sign Language by Jason Oxenham and Mark Ling is a platform that’s dedicated to helping you learn different global languages.

Official Website: CLICK HERE

This is a platform that’s meant to help you learn a new language. In fact, in its entirety, this is a platform that’s dedicated to helping you learn different global languages. For instance, some of the language courses included in their menu include:

  • Spanish
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Arabic
  • Japanese
  • Hindi
  • Italian
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • English (for Spanish Speakers)

On top of all that, you also get access to training courses on the American Sign Language. There is a lot that one can say about this platform but for today we are going to limit our focus to the American Sign Language.

Within this course, you get the opportunity to take 30 sign language lessons. What’s more? You get to access 18 helpful video lessons, 96 lesson hours and over 3090 word and phrases video dictionary.

The idea behind this program is to enable you to use sign language like a pro. Plus it provides you with the opportunity to learn by observing individual signs. Indeed, through the sign language library that’s provided here, you can easily master the art while studying at your own convenience.

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This course is designed to take you from being a total newbie to being in a position to sign proficiently. The idea here is to equip you with the skills needed to successfully converse with the deaf. One thing we noted is that this course focuses on different angles of language acquisition. From interpretation skills to retention and signing skills. Other highlights include:

Video Lessons

You get an opportunity to learn Sign Language by simply watching your favorite tutor perform different signs. What’s more? You also access videos tackling different, real-world topics. And you can simply copy and repeat these until you’re proficient.

Basic Sign Language Lessons

The best way to learn sign language is by first familiarizing with the building blocks of it. Fortunately, this course does a really good job of helping you learn all that. And it doesn’t matter what stage of learning you are at. You can start today and learn gradually even if this is your first time trying this.

Video Dictionary

What if you could access a one-stop video library with thousands of words that you can browse and refer to? Using the Rocket Language video dictionary, you can always do that at your own pace. And for extra convenience, there’s an Android and iOS App provided just for you.

Tracking Progress

What’s the use of taking a course if you can’t track how far you’ve come? This course comes with built-in features that enable you to track your progress, complete with a way to accumulate points and earn badges, every step of the way. And above all, you can always see where you sit on the leaderboard.

Lifetime Access

Once you become a member of Rocket American Sign Language course, you stand to enjoy lifetime access to the system. And above all, you get an opportunity to chat with other students and members of staff within the forums. In other words, you can always find answers to your burning questions by interacting with other people who use this platform.

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Great Benefits of This Course

  • Better Spelling Skills: Signing can provide you with the skills you need to remember spellings. It also helps leave a pretty large imprint on the brain. So, if you can add the ability to sign words to your line up of skills, you’re bound to have an easier time remembering them.
  • Enhances Communication Skills: Language involves many different life aspects. Indeed, those who can sign also tend to have an easier time understanding how to interpret the general body language. And as you know, body language is an integral part of good communication. On top of that by having a good grasp of the ASL, you can communicate your emotions in a much better way.

So, indeed, there is a lot in this system for you to learn. And most importantly, you can get started for free all thanks to the free trial version of this program. The only challenge is that in that case, your progress will not be saved.

But once you pay up, you can get full access to the course. That’s complete with the automated system that records your progress. And also, you get the option to download and use the system offline – in order words, you get to fully own what you paid for.

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  • Too many unrestrained affiliate marketers who make it sound like a scam
  • The paid version of this course doesn’t come cheap
  • This course is entirely available as a digital product, no physical or printed version exists
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This program was created by a team of innovators led by Jason Oxenham and Mark Ling. The platform has been around since 2004 and has gradually grown to attract more than 1,200,000 registered users.

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Despite the three issues raised above this Rocket American Sign Language review concludes that this is a great platform. Not only do they have awesome learning materials but they also maintain an active forum for conducting discussions and QnA sessions. On top of that, you can access the course offline and save your progress as you advance through different levels of learning.

So, generally, this is a superb course. We think that its benefits heavily outweigh its downsides. And on top of that, you get an opportunity to try it without having to pay or providing your email address.

Verdict: A legitimate program, worth every cent you invest in it.


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