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Deal Score+187


If you’re still banking on the electric power that comes from our national grid, you’re taking a huge gamble with your life! Past Senate Committee reports have given our grid a D score. And that’s because we’re still relying on the technology and systems of the 18-th century. But a new invention from the MIT promises to turn things around. Indeed, the DIY 3D Solar Panels system promises to change the way we produce power, once and for all. As its name suggests, this is a solar-based source of power but it’s unique in the sense that it uses 3D technology to capture as much energy as possible using the least resources possible.



Product Name: DIY 3D Solar Panel

Author: Zack Bennett

Product Type: eBook

Price: $49.97

Bonus: Yes

What Is It: DIY 3D Solar Panels program by Zack Bennett are teach to build a much more effective system that captures more power and costs a few hundreds of dollars to set up.

Official Website: CLICK HERE

We all know how solar panels have been cited as the game-changers in the world of power production. Unfortunately, the companies that produce them have had a field day! Indeed, the average cost of setting up a solar power plant is more than $20,000. And even then you’d still struggle to prove the effectiveness of the system in place.

But what if you could build a much more effective system that captures more power and costs a few hundreds of dollars to set up? That’s what the DIY 3D Solar Panels program by Zack Bennett is all about. Instead of using the resource-wasting fixed flat panels, you get to use panels that have been arranged in a 3D pattern to capture more power using a smaller base area.

And the good thing with this system is that it’s so easy to build. In fact, so easy that even an 8-year-old can easily get it up and running.

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Ordinary solar power generation systems are usually placed on rooftops so the sun shines directly over them. However, the angle at which the sun hits them fluctuates by the day meaning that they become less efficient depending on the position of the sun during the day.

To overcome that limitation, the 3D solar panel was conceived by scientists from the MIT. Using the latest advances in 3D technology, researchers from the MIT were able to piece together a system that’s capable of generating 20 times more power output than usual.

This unique arrangement of solar panels was achieved through the use of a unique computer algorithm which worked by testing the different latitudes, weather patterns and seasons. Eventually, the concept was tested within the MIT lab buildings whereby researchers keenly determined its performance.

It was observed that by using a vertical arrangement it was possible to collect more sunlight no matter the position of the sun. And, this, therefore, resulted in more power being generated over time. The secret to the success of this system lies in its ability to provide uniformity even when parts of the panels are blocked by shadows or clouds.

This, therefore, translates into a great degree of efficiency. And that also means that you can fully bank on this system to meet your domestic power needs at home. Above all, the system takes much fewer resources meaning that it’s also quite affordable. The best part is that with a bit of training, it’s actually possible to get the entire structure up and running in your home in no time.

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5 Great Benefits of This System

  • No More Blackouts: First off, this system will provide you with a reliable back up system that you can rely on at all times. It’s a great system that can easily step in even in case of a nationwide power blackout or EMP attack. Most importantly, it comes with a fantastic energy storage system which keeps it effective no matter the season of the year. So, once you have it up and running, you can ultimately forget about blackouts and rest assured that you’ll keep your family safe and sound at all times.
  • Easy To Set Up: The science behind it may be a little complicated but as long as you have this blueprint from Zack Bennett you won’t need to worry about a thing. That’s because the author has really gone into the details and left nothing to imagination. He particularly provides you with broken down steps that you can follow and also accompanies that with helpful illustrations.
  • Saves Power: Have you been worried that your family is consuming too much power? Does the thought of your monthly power bills send cold shivers down your spine? The DIY 3D Solar Panel can help you slash a whopping 60% of your power cost every month. And the best is that it helps you do that without compromising on your quality of life.
  • Clean Energy: If you care about the environment, you know how important it is to reduce emissions and promote the use of sustainable energy. There’s no doubt that solar power is one of the friendliest sources of energy from Mother Nature. Unlike other systems that result in the emission of harmful fluids or fumes, this one works quietly and safely. Ultimately, it protects your immediate environment and contributes in the quest to make the world a better place.
  • Cheap To Build: Unlike the traditional solar systems that cost more than $20K and are still less effective, this one costs $200 or thereabouts. In fact, it can be cheaper to build if you already have some of the materials needed for it. And most importantly, it’s easier to assemble than a typical IKEA chair.

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  • For now, the blueprint for building this system is only available in digital version
  • Best suited for people who like doing things with their own hands
  • Not suited for lazy, potato couches
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Zack Bennett is a homeowner and family man who is based in the US. In his sales copy, he recounts the horror he went through when his house went without power for a number of hours. Looking back, he decided to come up with a long-lasting solution to his woes which included soaring power bills. That’s how he came across this MIT invention some 2 years ago. In this blueprint, he goes ahead and breaks it down for you so you have an easy time following through it.

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In addition to the main program which is full of value, you also get loads of free bonuses. These go a long way in ensuring that you get more and more value for your money.

Bonus #1: 12 Months Unlimited Email Access to Zack Bennett
Bonus #2: Homestead EMP Protection Protocol
Bonus #3: Energy Stockpiling Secrets
Bonus #4: Homestead Alternative Energy Sources

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The best way to be independent is by learning how to generate your own power. That way, you can control how much you want to consume and also protect yourself from the skyrocketing cost of power. Above all, by living independently, you can steer clear from the worries of widespread power blackouts and the potential threat of an EMP attack.

That’s why we think that the DIY 3D Solar Panel by Zack Bennett is a program worth getting. Highly recommended.


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DIY 3D Solar Panel by Zack Bennett is a program worth getting. Highly recommended.

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