Wholesale Designer Handbags Review – Can It Help You Find Cheap Designer Stuff?

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Have you always wanted to be in the business of buying cheap designer bags on wholesale and re-selling them at a premium? Well, the Wholesale Designer Handbags Directory might be worth taking a look at. This directory has been prepared by Viktor, an entrepreneur who started out in 2002 but faced a myriad of challenges. Viktor discovered that it’s not always easy to find trustworthy suppliers out there. Therefore, through his own experiences in the industry, he decided to create a comprehensive directory containing records of legitimate suppliers with a global presence. These are guys you can comfortably work with especially if this is your first time getting into this field of business.



Product Name: Wholesale Designer Handbags

Author: Viktor

Product Type: Directory

Price: $39.95

Bonus: No

What Is It: Wholesale Designer Handbags by Viktor is a comprehensive directory containing records of legitimate suppliers with a global presence.

Official Website: CLICK HERE

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The unfortunate truth about the world of wholesale designer handbags is that a vast majority of legitimate suppliers have no online presence. In fact, more often than not, they’re only known by a select few, industry leaders.

Luis Vuitton is one such brand.  This company has a strictly managed supply chain which means it’s virtually impossible to get genuine LV merchandise on wholesale!

Therefore, if you make the mistake of looking them up online, chances are that you’ll end up on the hands of a scammer. You might easily lose your money or end up with fake goods.

Another challenge with this market is that not many suppliers are willing to publicly discuss the kind of goods or brands they deal with. And also, 90% of the merchandise you see being advertised on the net is, more often than not, fake.

So, it’s really difficult to know who to trust. This is why your best bet is to use a directory that provides you with the best information possible for reference.

The good thing with this directory is that it starts by helping you know how to determine if a wholesaler is genuine or not. Besides that, you also get to learn about some genuine suppliers that accept traceable payment methods such as PayPal and Credit Cards so you are 100% confident when making that sale.

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So, what makes this directory a must-have especially if this is your first time getting into this business or if you’ve tried it before and lost money to scammers? As it turns out, there are quite a few good reasons to only trust this database. These include:

Great Benefits of This Directory

  • The Level of Experience: The author of this business learned the hard way when he started his business back in 2003. Since then, he has grown huge networks and connections which have helped him to understand every nook and crook of this industry. He also has made a few costly mistakes in the past and would like you to use his experience so you don’t go through what he went through. As you can imagine, it takes several years to gain such a high level of confidence and that is why we think that this directory provides a fantastic springboard for the discerning re-seller.
  • Regularly Updated: This database is regularly updated so every time you log into it, you can rest assured to find the latest, up-to-date information. What’s more? This is a password-protected site which also means that this information is only available to a select few. As you know, directories that are printed on paper are known to become outdated over time. That’s however, not the case with online directories since they can always be furnished with new information as and when it is available. And so, you can rest assured to get information that’s not only relevant but also useful in your quest to make a solid business choice.
  • Reliable Information: Tired of receiving half-baked information? Wish you could only find a reliable source of information? This is the database that you can count on to link you up with suppliers of authentic and genuine wholesale supplies. And that’s because Viktor and team screen each and every supplier they bring on board to make sure that you get nothing but the best kind of advice.
  • Worldwide Shipping: Most suppliers of legitimate designer products are based either in the US or Europe. And for that reason, some of them may refuse to ship their products especially to far off countries in Africa, South America, Asia and so forth. Fortunately, the Wholesale Designer Handbags program contains all the details you need especially if you want to get in touch with wholesalers who are quite good at offering worldwide shipping.

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  • For now, this program is available as an online program, no printed off version of it exists
  • The task of initiating the conversation and creating a rapport with the suppliers is all yours
  • Even though most of the goods retail at wholesale prices, the prices are still quite high and that’s because all these are genuine and legitimate brands which charge premium prices

So, unless you have a really well-thought-out market, it might be tricky for you to invest in these big brands. That’s especially because fake, replica items have also flooded the market and, therefore, you’d need to do a lot to convince everyone else that they deserve to get the best quality by going for the legitimate stuff.

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Viktor, the author of this database has been in the business of supplying legitimate merchandise since 2003. Actually, he started out in 2002 but fell victim to imposters and scammers for almost a whole year. He claims to have lost tons of cash in that process. Fortunately, he managed to figure out the dos and don’ts which saw him set up a fairly successful business which has thrived for over the last 15 years.

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In general, the Wholesale Designer Handbags program by Viktor sounds like a good deal. It may not make you rich overnight or take the hassle of building a rapport with suppliers from you but it certainly will help you get started in the right direction. And for that reason, we strongly believe that it makes a lot of sense to part with the one-time payment it costs to secure the membership.


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In general, the Wholesale Designer Handbags program by Viktor sounds like a good deal.

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