Everstryke Match Review – How Exactly Does It Work?

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Deal Score+387


It’s one thing to be armed with the necessary survival skills but another to have the necessary tools to guarantee your survival. Can you imagine getting stuck in the middle of a vast land full of snow! Would you just sit there and wait to freeze to death? That’s where the Everstryke Match would come in handy.


This is a tiny gadget that looks almost like a tiny bullet cartridge. It, however, has an o-ring that you can use to attach to your key-holder or zipper. Its tiny size makes it extremely easy to transport – so you can take it with you anywhere and everywhere.

But with so many lighters on the markets, what makes this one so unique? You might be wondering. Well, this lighter doesn’t need to be completely dry to function.


In fact, it can still work even if dipped in water for a whole day. And what’s more? Once lit, it provides you with a strong and lasting flame that you can use to create a fire even in extreme situations.

Indeed, the Everstryke match is highly durable. It’s capable of putting up with all manner of challenges all thanks to its well-thought-out casing.

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The entire device comprises a few screws, a wick, and a striker wheel. The wick is mounted on a hollow cylinder which is specifically designed to fit inside a creative housing. Inside the housing is a foam that sops up the fuel effectively feeding the wick.

So, the moment you rotate the striker wheel, it creates a series of sparks that eventually light up the fuel supplied by the tiny wick. This creates a fairly strong fire that lasts much longer than what your typical match would provide.

Interestingly, the flame, despite being wider and steadier, doesn’t burn down to one’s fingers. Yet this isn’t one of those butane-powered lighters. We’d only liken it to one of those steel fire starting kits only without the hassle of having to collect fine tinder to light things up.


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In order to get the most out of this revolutionary lighter, here are the important steps and tidbits you need to keep in mind.

Step 1

To begin with, you want to make sure that your unit is properly filled with a lighter fluid. Without this fluid you will not have the fuel needed to support the sparks. In our view, you should avoid filling the canister to the 100% mark, the best way to refill it is by making sure it fills up to the 75% level.

Why is this important? You might be wondering. Well, by doing this, you will effectively be leaving enough room for displacement when it comes to replacing the striker.

Once you have filled the fluid to capacity, you need to screw the match stem onto the body of the lighter. While at it, leave it to sit for around 5 minutes. This way, it will get the chance to absorb just enough fluid.

Step 2

Now that the canister is filled up with the fluid, it is time to start using it. To do this, you need to start by removing the striker from the canister. Then, hold the canister upright and at the same time, drag the strike downward over and above the ferro rod which is typically attached on the side.

You’ll basically need to mimic the movements you’d ordinarily make when lighting a match. But for your own safety, be sure to strike with the canister’s opening facing away from you.

Still doesn’t light up? Worry not, all you need to do is place the match inside the canister once again. Give it a few minutes to absorb the lighter fluid and once ready try striking again.

Step 3

Once you are done lighting, be sure to blow out the match. And if planning to store the match without use, for long, be sure to replace the striker. It is also important to double-check the tightness of the lighter so as to avoid any accidental leakage of the fluid during storage.

Extra Tips

*It is important to remember that the flame of the Everstryke match burns at 600 degrees. Actually, the Ferro rod strikes at 3,000 degrees just to light your match. So, it is important to be extra cautious and to never put a lit match inside the housing container.

*For the best results possible, be sure to give the wick time to get saturated. Avoid striking the match before this happens as it might ultimately damage your tool. Also, avoid burning the match for anything beyond 10 seconds at once.

**For safety reasons, never return a lit striker into the canister. Make sure that the flame is properly extinguished beforehand. Otherwise, it can damage the tool or even harm you.

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6 Good Reasons Using this System

  • Awesome Design: This unit comes with a creative and inconspicuous design. You can use it for all your assignments with no qualms. Most importantly, it comes with a wick and replaceable flint which are capable of lasting 10 times longer than what you’d find on average lighters.
  • Feature-Packed: As you know, disasters come with all manner of surprises. So, it’s always a good idea to invest in a survival lighter that’s all-inclusive. Luckily, the Everstryke has it all. For instance, it contains a Ferro rod plus a wick – essentially transforming it into a fully-fledged fire starting kit. You can, therefore, conveniently carry it with you at all times.
  • High-Quality Content: Let’s face it, most boat design and building programs out there are written in Greek (just kidding!). They either don’t make any sense or the kind of suggestions that they make aren’t practically achievable. Fortunately, we can now talk about Martin Reid’s program which simplifies everything. In fact, the program only shares boat plans that are really easy to build with basic tools and materials.
  • Strong Flame: Unlike other lighters that only produce a weak and short-lived flame, this one burns hot! Picture this – a single strike is able to generate up to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Best of all, the heat isn’t just a short-lived flash. The flame is sustained for a long time at temperatures exceeding 600 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Long Lasting: The match is designed to last for at least 15,000 strikes. Ordinarily, that’s more than you’d ever need in any survival situation. One really unique thing we noticed about this match is that its fuel doesn’t evaporate like it does in other devices. That’s probably due to the creatively designed O-ring that provides a great cover all around this gadget’s housing.
  • Hassle Free: Its modern design may seem a little intimidating at first. Fortunately, the lighter itself is quite easy to use. In fact, as long as you can light a match, you most likely can manage to use it. And best of all, its flame doesn’t hurt your fingertips unlike what happens with the alternative devices.
  • It’s a Survivor: It doesn’t matter if this device has been rained on or banged around, it still works. Its high-quality housing and O-ring go a long way in making this one of the most resilient survival tools that you can ever add to your arsenal. So, if you’re a survivor, you’ll always be glad to be in the company of a tried-and-tested “survivor” – and that is the Everystryke match.
  • It’s Water Tight: As a survivor, it is always important to be prepared for any kind of eventuality. This is exactly what this match is all about. It boasts a water tight design all thanks to its powerful stainless steel body. As such, it can sink in water and nothing will happen to it. And thanks to the fact that its body is made from stainless steel, you won’t need to worry much about the possibility of it rusting either.
  • Easily Portable: This match is a small as you’d want it to be yet just large enough to hold anything you throw at it. In fact, it can even fit within your key chain and so if you tend to forget things easily, you can easily add it to your key holder and be sure to take it anywhere you go.

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Besides the match, which is a physical product, you’ll get two other resources at absolutely no cost. The first free bonus is an eBook titled “Ultimate Survival Skills” which equips you with all the guidelines needed to excel even in some of the world’s most treacherous places.

The second bonus is the “Everstryke Match” a free course which shows you the practical ways you can protect yourself even if you were stranded in the wilderness.

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One good aspect of this match is that it is available free of charge. Yup, you read that right. There is a new community coming up under the name Survival Life and Family Protection Association and in order to raise awareness, they are giving out this match at no cost along with the bonus materials discussed above.

Ordinarily, the match lighter would cost you some $14.95 bucks but now, thanks to this offer, all you need to pay is the shipping cost (roughly 5 bucks for domestic orders). And because this product is available at absolutely no cost, there is a cap limit which is 5 matches per household.

However, this is a limited-time offer and if you want to make the most of it, we’d encourage you to take action right now.

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  • They’re currently limiting the number of units one can order to 10
  • Its bonuses are available online and you’d need an internet connection to access them
  • Since it produces fire, it should always be kept out of children’s reach
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This product isn’t a result of one man’s effort. Instead, it’s an outcome of team effort. The company behind it, Family Protection Association, is based in the USA. In fact, it comprises of survivors who have immense experience in overcoming all odds. Therefore, you can rest assured that the match is built by people who understand all the ins and outs of jungle life.

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There are three must-haves in survival situations – fire, water, and shelter. With the Everstryke match, you’d have effectively taken care of one of those three. Simply put, this is an indispensable tool that can keep you safe and warm even when the whole world seems to turn its back against you. Most importantly, it’s tiny, maintenance-free and easy to use.

Verdict: Take advantage of the present limited-time discount to grab a piece of it at a bottom-low price. Who knows, the company might soon raise the prices back to normal due to the high demand witnessed so far.


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Q: Is the Everstryke Match made of Tin, Aluminum or Stainless steel? Which material?

A: This lighter is made of stainless steel and is, therefore, quite sturdy and durable. The design alone makes it a perfect bet for highly demanding survival situations.

Q: Does it come with the lighter fluid?

A: Unfortunately, this match does not come with a lighter fluid. You’ll need to buy this separately and add it all by yourself as directed in the earlier paragraphs of this write-up.

Q: How do I open the match up to add the fluid?

A: Although the top part of the match is quite sturdy, all you need to do is hold it and pull out the case. We would have wished to have the manufacturer make it into a screw so it is easy to unscrew but unfortunately, that’s not the case here. So, just pull out the case and you’ll be good to go.

Q: What makes this unit any different from other commonplace lighters?

A: Well, this works like just any other lighter except that its flame is quite powerful and also quite resilient. In particular, its housing is water-tight – meaning even if it accidentally falls in water, you’ll still be able to use it. This makes it a perfect go-to survival tool.

Q: Can I take this with me on an airplane trip?

A: Unfortunately, all kinds of lighters are prohibited on board airplanes. So, indeed this tool isn’t TSA or airplane approved.

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Take advantage of the present limited-time discount to grab a piece of it at a bottom-low price. Who knows, the company might soon raise the prices back to normal due to the high demand witnessed so far.

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